Green Boy'S Trick for all Guglatech fuel filters

Now, you all know that our Neck Fuel Filter for motorcycles are the most advanced in the world, but, unfortunately, some tanks are better shaped than others, and obviously it's NOT the case with the KTM LC8 1050, 1090, 1190, 1290.

Our M04006 fuel filter is really advanced, but the position in the tank and should the bike lean on the floor, leads to a slow refueling.

Well.... not anymore !!!

Green Boy from ADVRider forum decided that enough was enough and HE WOULD FIND THE SOLUTION FOR US!! PERIOD!

The concept was easy, my bad for not having thought about that myself: make sure that the filter will always be open and flat even if the bike was on the floor.

Well, he took a cable tie similar to the one we deliver with the filters, modified as following, and put it in the filter. He swears it works great!!!

So, you will receive as always the cable tie to open the filter, but you will also receive one more in case you want to go "Green Boy" on your bike !!

content filter plus second cable tie

Use the whole lenght of the provided cable tie, bend at 220 mm and again a 220mm in order to obtain a triangle

magic triangle

first side 220mm lenght

second side 220 mm lenght

final position

Now, insert the filter in the tank opening, with the first cable tie make sure the filter is properly deployed, and simply insert the magic Triangle inside in order to achieve this position


Ed, you rock Mate !!!


Since the mod is sooo effective, we tested also the application on all our other products where the tank is not helping with it's crude design

On Triumph 800 XC and XCX or 1xxx Tiger/Speed Triple  M24006-ARM the fuel level sensor WILL NOT WORK, we do not recommend the use of the mod.

BMW F 800/700/650 Twin, also for M15006-ARM Rade Garage 701 front tank, BMW G310 GS/R, M06006-B for BMW G650 Rotax etc.

BMW F800/F700 F650 TWIN

here the lenght of the sides must be adapted, long ones are 180mm and the base is 80mm, while cutting it mak sure to flame it a make it as smooth as possible!!!

Africa Twin CRF 1000  and all other Japanese brands using the  M22006-ARM

M22006-ARM, Honda CRF 1000 AT, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki

Here the lenght is the same as on the original example for the KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290

Also, the first examples applies perfectly to the following models, BMW  R 1200 Air/Oil cooled M09006-NFS and WFS,  BMW R1200 Liquid cooled and new F850 M07006/M08006, BMW Air Cooled M06006 and Ducatis  M06006-A

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