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Pictures are worth a thousand of words..... they say....

well IT IS TRUE !!!

Fabio Gani, he bought our filters just to prep his BRAND NEW KTM Adventure 1090 for a Dune Crossing 10 days Tunisia Trip, he knows he will cross dunes, dirty tracks, very dusty roads, travelling in a long column of vechicles, and he simply prepares for the trip oiling his Guglatech ULTRA4 Rally Raid Air Filter with a few drops of air filter oil, external side only

2000 km....... tracks, rocks, dunes, sand......

Just gently tapping the filter on the floor......

sabbia e polvere Tunisia 2018

The entry of the air box looks pretty nice

lato cassa aspirazione 1090 sabbia in Tunisia 2018

As we suggested, matching surfaces were simply "finger" greased with Lithium grease.

Ultra4 Rally Raid sabbia e polvere Tunisia 2018 WET

The ULTRA4 air filter, just adding a few drops of cotton oil became an impenetrable barrier!!

Clean side of the filter shows no trace of dust or even oil, the matrix is so perfectly dense/distributed that is clean, brand new clean.

Ultra4 Rally Raid sabbia e polvere Tunisia 2018 WET retro

Can you see anything, even the tiniest spec of dust? Liters of oil dribling from the filter or in the Aibox?


Look at where the lithium grease let some drop of oil in the airbox, rear bottom side, it's oil, it's sticky, it's FREE FROM ANY DUST.

And the velocity stacks??? PRISTINE !!!

KTM 1090 Corpi farfallati Tunisia 2018 dune



And how was the bike behaving while all this DUST/SAND/STUFF was accumlating in the filter?? LIKE A SWISS WATCH.... OR BETTER A SKY ROCKET !!!

No flow restriction, no power loss, no engine strugling or switching off, the ULTRA4 Air filter allowed the perfect air flow while keeping the system spotlles and perfectly preserving the engine.

The perfect recipe for the SAND HELLSKITCHEN Adventure at Guglatech?

Neck fuel filter SHIELD4 (or even better Godzilla/Rally Raid if you ride a KTM)

Air Filter ULTRA4 Rally Raid

Few drops of  air filter oil

Mounting with love and care

Serve with passion and a lot of fun.

DONE !!!!!!!!!!!

Your adventure ride/trip will be a perfect success !!!

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