KTM 790 Fuel Pump and the Quest for the Perfect Strainer

Pubblished on Sun, 07 Apr 2019 in Ktm

Where our hero, the Mighty Microscope, helps the lost Princess of Filtration to find the King of Filters. Characters Mighty Microscope : a Twin Head Top Tech microscope capable of hundreds of enhancements, precise measurements and perfect photos The Princess of Filtration : the poor fuel pump and its' poor poor protective strainer King of Filters: well, obviously Guglatech and the Sword of Doom, or was it the Shield of Impenetrability ?? Location : Prime location Guglatech Labs, main location your FUEL TANK !!!! WARNING!! Scenes contains high definition photos of strainers, dirt, and most of it "troubles". If you prefer to keep in the dark and trust marketing pamphlets, DO NOT READ :))

KTM 790 Fuel Pump check, Jack the Knife in action

Pubblished on Thu, 04 Apr 2019 in Ktm

Immagine this, you open up your tank cap and all below is white, yep, sort of crusty sugar white.... and it ain't the frosting of a sponge cake. It is the interior of your BRAND NEW KTM fuel tank...... yep, we fixed it all right !!

GODZILLA Rally/Raid RACE installation LC8-RC8 990 1050 1090 1190 1290

Pubblished on Tue, 27 Jun 2017 in Ktm

THIS IS A RACE ONLY FUEL SYSTEM UP-GRADE, in some countries it may not be street legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mounting is totally under your personal responsability, should you not feel comfortable tinkering with the fuel system, let your mechanic do it for you. Should you have any further doubts about mounting or special in-filter compatibility, please […]

Rally-Raid and Track Evolution, when your KTM will forever forget the fuel filter problem.

Pubblished on Fri, 09 Sep 2016 in Ktm

If you’ve been surfing and reading some of my posts you must have realized how much there is still to do on YOUR motorbike to make it more realiable, stronger, harder to kill and ready to go around the world and back.   Obviuosly the KTM 990 IS the best base for advanced evolutions and […]

KTM 990 1190 1290 ADV SD SMT SMR SADV Fuel Pump and filters

Pubblished on Mon, 02 Feb 2015 in Ktm

It all started from here, all my experimenting, developping, evolutions, revolutions, all started from my own KTM ADV 990 EFI, now ticking better than from plant with 67.000 km and, obviously, with all my mods and special parts. After a “short” period fo 40.000 plus km on Beemers ( BMW R1100 S and BMW R […]

KTM 990/1190/1290 RC8 fuel pump filter checking/cleaning

Pubblished on Fri, 05 Dec 2014 in Ktm

How to clean KTM EFI pump fuel filters. the procedure is pretty simple, but there are three factors to evaluate 1) status of the filters, colour will not tell you much, pigments are far smaller than what the filter is supposed to blockl, you have to check the pressure drop or resistance of the media […]